Beautiful, Natural and Emotive Wedding Photography Captured Unobtrusively

The Orchard at Munsley Wedding Photography, Couple portraits at the Orchard at Munsley

"It's your wedding day and I want you to live and love every single minute of it to the fullest. My job it to make sure you can re-live it whenever you want."

I also love to create portraits of couples and feel that a wedding day is such a great opportunity to get the most beautiful pictures of people being together because they are just so happy! I won't take you away for ages either - I will usually come and see if you would like to step away for about 20 minutes right before the guests are about to be seated for the meal so you're not missing too much and possibly again in the afternoon evening for some epic sunset pictures.

Its a relaxed and easy time with no awkward posing that most couples say was a really nice part of the wedding as it was the first quiet time they had to be just the two of them in the day. I will offer some gentle guidance where it is needed to get the best out of the pictures but mostly I just let you be yourselves while I look for the beautiful moments in between.

My goal is to tell a story of your day and to capture photographs of it that are beautiful to look at, but also full of feeling that lets you re live your wedding day every time you look at them.

The vast majority of my day is of me working in a documentary style, quietly capturing all the beautiful moments of you and your guests, as well as the details, that make the day special and unique to you.

It's extremely important to me that you and all of your guests are comfortable and happy with me being around taking pictures of them. The photos I want to capture are all built on a foundation of moments happening in a relaxed and natural way around me. Im don't try to be invisible, rather I try to blend in by being polite, friendly and unobtrusive to everyone to give them a chance to get used to the camera. Eventually I will just be another guest in the crowd.

Steph & James| Worcestershire Wedding


Beautiful, Emotive and Unobtrusive Wedding Photography